Eligibility & Enrollment

Moab Free Health Clinic Patient Eligibility

While our clinical services are restricted to uninsured and underinsured patients with few or no other healthcare options, we are happy to help anyone find the care they need in Moab with our directory of community health resources. Please see Clinic Services for a complete list of our services.

Definition of Uninsured

Uninsured patients are individuals who do not have any form of public or private insurance, including Medicaid, CHIP, PCN, Catastrophic, or High-Deductible insurance.

Definition of Underinsured

Underinsured patients are individuals that have health insurance but are paying a high percentage (usually more than 5-10%) of their annual household income towards medical expenses (premiums, deductibles, prescriptions, bills etc.). In order to determine if you qualify as “underinsured”, Clinic staff will review your current medical expenses and compare them to your annual household income.  If you suspect you might be underinsured, drop by during our office hours, and we will help determine your eligibility for MFHC services.

Residency Requirement

You do not need to be a Moab resident in order to receive our services. The Clinic is happy to direct anyone to the most appropriate healthcare options, whether it is within the Clinic or elsewhere.

Enrollment Process

Anyone is welcome to come to the Clinic during office hours to pre-enroll and learn about eligibility requirements for clinic services. The enrollment process takes about 30 minutes.

What forms do I need to provide to enroll?

The Moab Free Health Clinic requires self-reported financial information and health insurance status. Specific financial forms are not required to enroll at the MFHC. However, these optional forms are strongly recommended so we can help you apply for future healthcare programs, such as state and federal programs and prescription assistance. Optional forms include: W-2, pay stubs, bank statements, etc.

Appointments and Walk-ins

Patients must make appointments unless it’s for our confidential STD Testing on Tuesdays from 1-2pm. We do not accept walk-ins because our volunteers are here during different days and times of the month. If you would like to become a new patient please walk in to fill out an application.

No Show Policy

The MFHC maintains a “3-strikes” No Show Policy (“2-strikes” for massage and physical therapy) to discourage missed appointments that could have been given to someone else in need.  After three missed appointments, our staff will send you a letter to inform you that the MFHC will no longer be able to serve you.

  • If you need to cancel your appointment, please call at least 24 hours prior to your appointment time.

  • Patients arriving 15 minutes late to an appointment will be considered a No Show.