The Moab Free Health Clinic (MFHC) is staffed by volunteer medical providers (MD, DO, NP, PA-C, etc.) who generously donate their time. Please see the schedules for current clinics. Please see our Patient Policies and Procedures brochure for more information. The MFHC offers:

Clinic Services Available Only To Uninsured And Underinsured Patients:

(see Patient Information for definition of underinsured.)

Primary Care Services:

  • General primary care

  • Mental health services

  • Confidential STD/HIV Testing

Specialty Care Services:

  • Women’s Clinics

  • Dermatology

  • Other specialists as scheduled

Clinic Services Available for Everyone:

(regardless of health insurance status)

  • Referrals to outside providers and specialists

  • Free and Confidential HIV/STD Testing clinics

  • Diabetes and insulin testing

  • Health Insurance Enrollment Clinics

  • Prescription Assistance Programs

  • Community health education and events

  • Connection to other community resources and services

Visit the clinic in person or call (435) 259-1113 if you have questions about what doctors, clinical facilities, and healthcare services are available in the area. We will help direct you to the most appropriate option.



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