Our Impact

Throughout the years since 2008 the Moab Free Health Clinic has set its goal to be a safety net clinic to many uninsured and under-insured residents and responding to the needs of the people of Moab. Our services since the time of our beginning has greatly expanded through the vision we hold true. We now currently offer services such as primary care visits, mental health, STD treatment/testing , lab tests, dermatology, nurse visits, women’s health, Healthcare navigation, vision, and health education. As we grow we hope to incorporate new services to the public to combat the unfortunate elements the disadvantage might face. We’ve grown to gain new sponsors and associate with other non-profit organizations that share the same ideals as we do.

Our impact had moved us forward progressing in new health services connecting with other organizations to ensure growth. With that we are very happy to announce that Wabisabi had generously funded our "Give Me Another Round of Paps!" application for the Make a Difference Grant to fund women's wellness visits under 40. Grants, donations,and raising funds had allow the free clinic to prosper and expand. Please feel free to leave a donation to our clinic and you too can make an impact.

2018 annual report.jpg
2018 annual report .jpg