What health services are offered?

Please see the schedule for current clinics. For a complete list of services offered regularly, see Medical & Health Services.

Who can go to the MFHC?

Medical treatment is offered to uninsured and underinsured patients. All other educational and prevention programs and informational referrals are offered to everyone. Please see the Eligibility & Enrollment for further information.

Is there a doctor in the clinic?

In short, not always. The Moab Free Health Clinic relies on volunteer medical providers (MD, DO, PA-C, NP) to staff the clinic whenever they are available to donate their time. The MFHC generally has a doctor provider in the clinic 3-7 hours per week. MFHC’s volunteer medical providers treat only conditions they able and equipped to treat. This means there may not be a provider available when you need it, so we are glad to refer you to the best local or regional options for the care you need. 

How much does it cost to see a doctor?


What forms do I need to provide to enroll at the clinic?

Does the clinic need volunteers?

Will the MFHC still be around after Health Care Reform takes effect?

How is the clinic funded?

Who staffs the Moab Free Health Clinic?

All provider visits are completely free.

However, in order to support ongoing care, there is a suggested donation of $15 to see a provide. Mental health counseling has a suggested donation of $5 per session or $30 for the entire course of 6-8 sessions.

The patient is responsible to pay for prescriptions and laboratory tests done beyond the appointment, such as a blood draw or x-ray. The MFHC offers very low-cost blood draws for our patients and has financial assistance available to help with the cost of laboratory services and medications. We will help you find the best affordable options.


Specific forms are not required to enroll at the MFHC, however, they are strongly recommended. Forms such as W-2 forms and proof of income (pay stubs, bank statements etc.) will help the staff at the MFHC understand if you are eligible for additional services such as prescriptions assistance and other community services. The clinic does request that you report a truthful income, employment, and health insurance status, including any changes in your income level or health insurance status. Please see Eligibility & Enrollment for more information.

Yes! We need volunteers for a variety of administrative and clinical projects and programs. If you are interested in medical or non-medical volunteer opportunities please contact the staff at (435) 259-1113.

Absolutely. The MFHC is helping people get on health insurance with our Health Insurance Enrollment Clinics to gain access to more comprehensive care. However, many people may opt out due to high costs, not be required to purchase insurance, or fall through the cracks in many other ways. The Clinic also serves non-residents and immigrants who are not required to purchase health insurance.

The need for our medical and educational services will continue to grow despite Health Care Reform. The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office estimates that in 2016, 30 million people will remain uninsured in America. Based on these predictions and conversations with patients, the Clinic expects to continue operating at capacity even after the Affordable Care Act is implemented as part of Health Care Reform.

The MFHC is a 501(c)3 non-profit and receives vital and growing support from our community through grants and private donations. It is only because of this support that MFHC is able to pursue our mission to work together in building a healthy Moab. We do ask patients for a donation towards their treatment to help keep the clinic functional.

Our administrative staff is available between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM Monday through Friday to take appointments, answer questions, and run medical programs. Medical providers, nurses, medical assistants, and educators are all volunteers. The Executive Director, with help from the volunteer board, oversees clinic operations. The clinic also has an AmeriCorps Volunteers In Service To America (VISTA) member who works as the Outreach Coordinator.