To-Do List for Maddy: 

  • Add all sponsor logos to sponsor gallery X

  • Add all clinic services to schedule (I have set up the the first one so that you have a guideline) X

    • Add all Directory entries X

      • Category = type of serviceX

      • Tag = population served X

  • Fill out “our impact” page (just has 2018 impact for now) X

  • Add post to “news” page X

  • Finish FAQ X

  • Finish Staff page and board of directorsX

  • Fill out Partner page: already includes sponsors, but could also include other partners in the communityX

  • Update community directory form to have the right fieldsX

  • Volunteer page: how do you want it? A page for each volunteer category? All on one page? You decide!X

Notes for Nara

  • links on faq page

  • Vol page needs help

  • Updating donation page 

  • Delete volunteer form